Atlassian announces JIRA 2.6


News: Atlassian announces JIRA 2.6

  1. Atlassian announces JIRA 2.6 (5 messages)

    Atlassian has announced the latest release of JIRA, their issue tracking software. New features include direct CVS integration, more powerful searching and results filtering, XML-RPC/SOAP API to JIRA, Email integration, Trackback API support, and much more.

    Feature List

  2. CVS Integration - direct to the CVS repository itself.
  3. Quick Search - with more powerful searching, you can find issues even faster
  4. Streamlined Search Results - navigate and explore search results with ease
  5. Per-Search Column Ordering (Enterprise) - greater customization
  6. XML-RPC/SOAP interface to JIRA - JIRA gets an external programmatic API
  7. Screenshots and Thumbnails - easily attach screenshots to issues
  8. Trackback and Confluence Integration - JIRA now supports the Trackback API
  9. Email Integration - add attachments automatically, threading support, and more!
  10. Release Notes - JIRA can now produce release notes
  11. Page Compression - GZIP makes JIRA faster for slower environments
  12. Internationalization - translating is easier and non-English support grows stronger
  13. Bulk Edit - delete many issues at once
  14. Import - import with ease from Mantis or Bugzilla

  15. Learn more about the new JIRA 2.6 release

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    We use it at the Open Source Lab along with Confluence. Still a really awesome tool. Thanks guys.

    Jason McKerr
    The Open Source Lab
    "Open Minds. Open Doors. Open Source."
  • Excellent !![ Go to top ]

    Jira is one of those "must have" applications, it meets my criteria of a killer app. If you've not used this, you've got to try it, even if you don't think you need it! It will save you a lot of time.

    I'm going to be installing this version tonight!

    -John Davies-
    CTO, C24
  • Excellent !![ Go to top ]

    So I guess I'll be using it today, then!
  • Excellent !![ Go to top ]

    By Monday Robin, I've only just upgraded Jive and our internal Jira. I was busy downloading 2GB of Mandrake 10.0 this morning so hopefully you'll see it on Monday if all goes well.

  • For the record: I have used Jira for the last 8 months or so. My staff loves it and my customers love it. As an added bonus, the guys at Atlassian are easy to deal with. Keep up the good work!