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    Hi all,

    got a problem trying to debug a j2ee application using JPDA. But both the IDE and app server live on the same machine. I set up the application server and the IDE for debugging. The the first time debugging works fine and the IDE can "attach" itself to the appserver debug port OK, step through, etc.

    But when I stop debugging and start again, I get a message saying "Connection refused: connect". When I restart the applcation server I can now debug again. Is it the case that after each debug session the JVM has to be restated? or am i missing something? Im on windows xp, jdk1.4.2, J2EE1.4 RI, IDEA and NetBeans.



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    Try shared memory instead of sockets.

    Debugger's socket listener tends to shut down if it receives wrong data or if the delay between opening the socket and actually sending data is too long. If listener shuts down, you can't start it again so you have to restart the JVM. At least that is my experience with JDK 1.4.1.
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    I tried the shared memory option but it didn't work at all. i.e. I could not even connect at all.
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    Anyone have any ideas?