I Need some suggestion on designing the data cache.
Our requirement is like ,we have one page wherein we display 5 modules,each module is independent of others,but in some of the modules we have filter operation like user can filter the data for those modules but in this case other module's data will not be changed.

We are using some of the J2ee pattern for our project Command object,Business Delegator ,Session Facade ,service locator etc.Data being send in the form of XML and parse on the client side using XSL.

So for each module we have different command object which finally creat and store the information in XML,finally we get cummulative XML for each module and stored in session and send it to dispatcher.so for the modules which has no filter opreation we dont craett xml everytime,we make use of xml alrady stored in session.we Just fetch the data and create the new xml for those modules which has filter operation.

Other Design we have considered is using different Frame for diffrent modules, in that case each module will be loaded in different frame only.

Please post some comments on this like which appraoch will be good.