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    Hi, we are designing a 3-tiered system. When we go to class diagram part, we don't know how to show JSP pages on a UML class diagram with Servlets and Java Beans. Do you have any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Use Steriotype[ Go to top ]

    If i could understand your question properly,
    Use steriotype to typed the JSP.

    For more details use struts framework's UML digrams

  3. You may first reverse engineer the Struts source file or compiled file to get the class diagram itself by Rational Rose or JDeveloper or the tool you're using. Note, the diagram from compiled file is read-only one. Then add these diagram to your application class diagram or the reverse.

    Note the diagram in the link are far to be precise in terms of the class relationship, not only the associate he menthioned missed, but the app classes to the struts classes are not accurate at all. But the Struts classes relationsh looked like he got from reverse engineering which looked better than the part he drafted.

    John Feng