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    I'm looking to see what people recommend for content-management on a web site. I've got a client with very little extra money for software, but if I can provide some user-level content management capabilities it will make life much easier for them.

    They need normal sorts of capabilities.. update the main page.. publish new articles and content into the web site.. remove old information. On top of this it should create some sort of infrastructure that is searchable, whether by publishing into the filesystem or providing a search into it's database respository.

    Another requirement is that I need to be able to merge business logic/code into the environment. So I may want to build a page with my tags or code and have it mesh with the rest of the pages. Theoretically I could do that as a separate web app, but its preferable to keep it together.

    As always, cost is an issue.. so the top of the line commercial packages are pretty well off limits. So, what have people used for this, and what were your experiences?


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    Try these free easy to setup/customize .NET based portals.



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    Ah..thanks for your note.. though I'm not interested in .NET solutions, hence my posting to a Java oriented web site.

    thanks anyway!
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    See thread in javalobby.com.