Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Java user, this article will help understandstategies to keep your terabyte-sized application performing well (a DBA's perspective).

Daniel Liu is a Senior Technical Consultant/DBA at First American Real Estate Solutions and co-author of Oracle Database 10g New Features by Rampant TechPress. This week he discusses strategies — horizontal architecture scaling, efficient database structuring, use of 64-bit platforms, tuning, monitoring — to keep your terabyte-sized database performing well.

Article Excerpt
"With today's multi-tiered architectures, you really need to pay attention to the effects of connection pooling when you're troubleshooting.

If your restaurant is getting really busy, you can hire more cooks and more waiters and maybe find some space to add on and increase the number of tables — but at some point, it makes more sense just to go ahead and open another restaurant."
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