Oracle passes the J2EE 1.4 Compatibility Test Suite


News: Oracle passes the J2EE 1.4 Compatibility Test Suite

  1. Oracle has announced that it's J2EE Developer Preview appserver has passed the compatibility test suite. Oracle joins Sun and IBM as being the first vendors with beta 1.4 servers. Notably missing is BEA, to which a BEA representative recently responded that "It's no longer a race to be first to offer a preview version...J2EE is only one of many important characteristics of Weblogic Server.

    Check out OC4J 10g Developer Preview 2 and the press release.

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  2. Macromedia JRun, J2EE 1.4[ Go to top ]

    Is Macromedia planning to update JRun? Will future versions
    of JRun implement J2EE 1.4?
  3. J2EE Getting Bulky??[ Go to top ]

    I remember that the first versions of the application servers were released in sync with the EJB specification release.

    These days, the gap between specification and implementation is going into many months.

    Im not saying its bad. More features by J2EE are ALWAYS welcome.
    Just a thought

  4. J2EE 1.4 presentation...[ Go to top ]

    I recently gave a presentation at the Portland Java Users Group.

    The topic was "What's New in J2EE 1.4"

    The PowerPoint slides are online:
  5. You can run the J2EE 1.4 Blueprint application Java Adventure Builder 1.0 in OC4J 10.0.3. You can download the application with Oracle specific deployment descriptors or get the instructions to rebuild the Java Adventure Builder application from the following link:

    Debu Panda
  6. BEA and J2EE 1.4[ Go to top ]

    Anybody have any idea when BEA will offer a J2EE 1.4 developer or production release. I'm really looking forward to that.
  7. Nice job Jon & Company[ Go to top ]

    Some of the old Bluestone guys worked on this. I bet Jon hopes he doesn't have to do it again...

    Nice job,
    Bob Bickel
  8. Apache Geronimo...[ Go to top ]


    Apache Targets August For J2EE App Server Release
    Geronimo Project To Enter Beta In Late March
    By Elizabeth Montalbano, CRN

  9. Correction[ Go to top ]

    "Oracle joins Sun and IBM as being the first vendors with beta 1.4 servers"

    Just to be fair, Tmax Soft (a Korean J2EE vendor) passed the J2EE 1.4 CTS in December last year with their JEUS 5.0 server (which is still in beta). Not sure whether they were ahead of IBM though.

  10. Huh?!?[ Go to top ]

    They'd better making their app server more robust and easier to use instead of implementing the new versions of the specs. 9iAS has a long way to go in terms of robustness, resource consumption, ease of use, administration, etc.
  11. Huh?!?[ Go to top ]

    The Oracle App Server 10g version is a major new release. They've addressed most if not all of your concerns that you cite from the 9i release. Have another look.