Problem while deploying EJB in Weblogic server 5.1.0


EJB programming & troubleshooting: Problem while deploying EJB in Weblogic server 5.1.0

  1. Hi! friends

     i am just a beginner in EJB. I am doing my first example , which is the "cabin bean" given in the oreilly EJB book. which is a Entity Bean(CMP). While generating container classes in the EJB deployer Tool , Always there is an error message "No Container managed fields for CMP Bean Cabin".Can you suggest any way to overcome this problem.

    waiting for your reply pabitra
  2. hello freind,

    we tried a lot in deploying the entity beans in weblogic5.1.0 trail version , but it giving errors like this:
    Compiler failed executable.exec([Ljava.lang.String;[C:/jdk1.2.2/bin/javac.exe, -classpath, C:\weblogic\myserver\serverclasses;C:\weblogic\jre1_2\lib\tools.jar;C:\weblogic\jre1_2\jre\lib\rt.jar;C:\weblogic\jre1_2\jre\lib\i18n.jar;C:\weblogic\license;C:\weblogic\classes\boot;C:\weblogic\classes;C:\weblogic\lib\weblogicaux.jar;C:\weblogic\eval\cloudscape\lib\cloudscape.jar;C:\weblogic\license;C:\weblogic\classes;C:\weblogic\myserver\serverclasses;C:\weblogic\lib\weblogicaux.jar;C:\weblogic\lib\persistence\WebLogic_RDBMS.jar;C:\WINDOWS\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\HelloRec10\ejb-jar;;C:\WINDOWS\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\HelloRec10\ejb-jar;;C:\WINDOWS\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\HelloRec10\ejb-jar, -d, C:\WINDOWS\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\HelloRec10\ejb-jar, C:\WINDOWS\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\HelloRec10\ejb-jar\Bank\, C:\WINDOWS\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\HelloRec10\ejb-jar\Bank\, C:\WINDOWS\.ejbdeployer\provider-projects\HelloRec10\ejb-jar\Bank\])

    since you are using cmp you check the field names of mapping should be same as database and if you are not giving a particular field container managed you have to write the code in load,store etc by your self.this is generally case with BMP. but note when you deploy use the manaually but not with deployment tool of weblogic5.1.0.

    with regards
    (kalavendi at yahoo dot com)
  3. We have some problem in the deployer tool.The field names are not mapped to database values (to verify this open the xml file from the jar file and check wheather the field names are mapped with the database).Alter this xml file or save this particular field and save it
    Then genarate the classes