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News: Eclipse M8 with new UI is released

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    Other features in the Java Editor include.

    1. Improved Java outlines

    A view menu has been added to the Java editor Outline view containing filters, Link with Editor, and Go Into Top Level Type commands. In addition to the standard filters, two new filters are available: Hide import declarations and Hide package declarations.

    2. Refactorings update references in Javadocs

    Rename, Move, and Change Method Signature refactorings now update references in Javadoc comments too. This includes references in @see and @link tags, as well as @param and @throws clauses.

    3. Reorganized Java preference pages

    The Java preference page hierarchy has been reorganized (Build Path and Code Style are new intermediate categories).

    4. Inlining JSR bytecode

    The Java compiler can now optionally avoid generating class files using the JSR bytecode instruction (typically used in compiling try-finally blocks), instead inlining the instructions for the corresponding subroutine. The generated class files are a bit bigger but generally load faster. This mode is anticipating support for the JSR 202. See preference under Java > Compiler > Compliance and Classfiles.

    Download it at:

    Read all about the new and noteworthy features.

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  2. How is the CDT looking?[ Go to top ]

    Haven't heard much about the C/C++ tools recently - how are they coming along?
  3. Not support GBK encoding[ Go to top ]

    Big bug!!! too sad!:(~
  4. re: Not support GBK encoding[ Go to top ]

    Only for those who need it.
  5. Not support GBK encoding[ Go to top ]

    but bad performance!!!
    use too big memory!!!
    bad stability!!!!
  6. UI Rocks[ Go to top ]

    I just think that the people who dont like the new UI should then not use it, easy as pie. The UI gives a new and fresh look to M8. Good work guyZ :)
  7. UI Rocks !?[ Go to top ]

    Sure, very funny. How not to use it if it's not completely configurable !?
    Stop using Eclipse ? Isn't it a bit harsh compared to submitting a few issues to the Eclipse bug repository ?
  8. Simply fantastic[ Go to top ]

    This is the best IDE out there. Great work. New UI is good. When you complain too much about UI change means you are starting to get too old for new things ;)
  9. I am not a fan of the new UI. In my opinion they keep making things less useful.

    In version 1, the editor windows were locked into a single perspective. So you could do things like have a resource perspective with property file editors and a Java perspective with actual code. Switch perspectives, and only the editors with the files you need are open. In version 2 they changed this -- the editor windows "follow" the perspectives and there is no way to change it back. Seems to defeat the idea of a perspective if you ask me.

    In M8, they have moved the Perspective tab to the top right. First of all, for us in l-to-r languages, this is the wrong place to put things you need to click on. It’s not too big of a deal because you can put it under the toolbar and it stays on the left. But, there is no way that I see to put it back to it's old position on the far left, standing vertically. This isn't such a big deal except for the fact that you could also dock other Views there. I always left the Package Explorer docked under the Perspective icons to gain real estate. Since I usually have multiple editors open, I don't need to see the Explorer, but when I do, click on the icon and it pops out. Worked great. I REALLY hope that they put this back in future releases.

    Anyone else thinking similar thoughts? Hopefully I am missing some deeply buried option but it doesn't look like it from my initial poking around.
  10. Do like the new UI "enhancements"[ Go to top ]

    I like the UI. On the whole it feels like the most solid and useable interface of any of the 3.0 release candidates so far.
  11. There are still a gew glitches, but the overall feeling is ok. There are some important improvements compared with the 'preview' that Eclipse team released a few weeks ago. However, if anybody feels the need to suggest changes in the new LAF don't forget to check on Eclipse Bugzilla repository.
  12. How about Tiger support ?[ Go to top ]

    Does anyone know when Eclipse will support Java 1.5 features ?
    There's plugin for it but it's not very usable.
  13. I agree[ Go to top ]

    Getting 1.5 support is more important than eye candy. The Genady plugin is not bad all things considered but it would be a lot more convenient if Eclipse started supporting 1.5 earlier rather than later.

    I haven't heard anything either about a 1.5 schedule for Eclipse. Would be good to know.
  14. 1.5 support[ Go to top ]

    .I haven't heard anything either about a 1.5 schedule for Eclipse. Would be good to know.

    cfr Eclipse bugzilla 36938 an 1.5 EA version is a plan item for 3.0 final.
  15. Not Good, Not Bad[ Go to top ]

    Eclipse is a developer tool. I admit new GUI looks flashy and trendy. IMHO, "fancy" is not a big virtue for a tool which is supposed to improve work efficiency. New look would not hurt the whole functionalities of the IDE, nor brings the edge. Since the first awe I had for this IDE, I have always kept up to the lastest release except the first one of version 3. For M8, I instantly go back to the previous version, not because of the look but because I just felt the new release would not be so helpful for my day-to-day work. It would take time for my case. But, I really appreciate the hard work of the team. It still rocks!!!
  16. Not Good, Not Bad[ Go to top ]

    Joshua, I think you might be making a mistake by reverting to M7. M8 is much more responsive especially when performing modifications on source files in large interdependent Java projects ... IMHO the overhead to "learn" the new interface is worth the benefit of having a considerably snappier IDE.
  17. Will it make it into the final?
  18. Eclipse M8 - too slow?[ Go to top ]

    I downloaded it over the weekend but ended up scurrying back to intellij after noticing significant perf issues. Anyone else seeing that or am I just not using beefy enough hardware?