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    I want to create local user in Windows 2000 using Java.
    How to do it ?
    I have tried using jintegra.

    Any other options/APIs ?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Badrish,
    Hi,I want to create local user in Windows 2000 using Java.How to do it ?I have tried using jintegra.Any other options/APIs ?Thanks in advance.Badrish
    You could try to use JNDI to access Active Directories LDAP capabilites. But I don't know if it is allowed to create a new user in AD from scratch. Maybe OSUser helps you here. Don't know. Give it a try or even better ask them on there mailing list.

    There is a free Java-COM Bridge called JACOB, but is ways behind jintegra and does not seem to say under development any more (a heard about integration problems with JDK 1.4+ JNI).

    The other alternaives: Wride a own JNI/C++ Bridge to enable Java to create such an user or use C#/.NET and build a wrapping Webserivce and use this to create a os user from inside Java.

    Just some brainstorming