is ejb a good technology?


EJB programming & troubleshooting: is ejb a good technology?

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    I have read many documents about ejb and I have learnt ejb for a long time. I think it is a good technology. But what confused me most is that ejb is not widely used in our company and many companies I know. perhaps you think my question is childlish. But I really need to assure it.

    If you have used ejb in big system,please tell me because I am embarrassed to decide whethter ejb technology is adopted in our system. Thank you!
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    This is indeed rahter a controversial issue than a childish question.

    I recommend to think twice at least before considering choosing EJB. One one side its a well situated standard on the other hand it won't fit into your system.

    I recommend to read Bitter EJB before choosing EJB. You can use other J2EE tech's without using EJB. The most benefit of J2EE is the ablilty to choose.

    Having that said J2EE is not the silver bullet. You have to think well before you choose and implement to avoid a nightmare.