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    Cameron has started to aggregate some April Fools jokes that are going around today. Some examples are JetBrain's new website, Hani quitting The Bile Blog, JavaRanch owned by Bill Gates, and some goofy ones that Cameron just made up. Seen any other good ones? Post them here.

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  2. The JetBrains IBM Consortium[ Go to top ]

    The JetBrains IBM Consortium is a classic :)
  3. TSS takes over JavaBlogs[ Go to top ]

    wrong day, but anyhow: http://javablogs.com/Welcome.jspa
  4. From Bob of the Codehaus:
    Yesterday, during our regular quarterly review where we gather status reports on all the projects, discuss haus business, review recent proposals, and vote on policy issues, Jon Tirsen suggested that perhaps I haven't been leading the haus with the appropriate amount of vim, vigour and vitality (the v^3 principle, as he put it). The motion was seconded by Aslak and quickly a vote of confidence was taken. Alas, it turned out decidedly Not Well for me. With the head of the haus removed, nominations were collected for a replacement. Long story short, Hani was voted in. While his entry today attempts to blame a job change on the demise of the BileBlog, he fails to mention that the job is that of being Hani the Kind, leader of the neuvo Codehaus.
    So long, and thanks for all the fish
  5. JBOSS 0wns you[ Go to top ]

    i thought the TSS post about JBOSS owning the code was one. But you never can quite tell with JBOSS inc.
  6. javaranch.com defaced[ Go to top ]

    See JavaRanch
  7. April Fools Aggregator[ Go to top ]

    My problem was that I couldn't think of anything funny to write for my own April Fools gag, and Microsoft wouldn't hire me :-(


    Cameron Purdy
    Tangosol, Inc.
    Coherence: Clustered JCache for Grid Computing!
  8. Lindon, UT - On the heels of its campaign against users of the
    Free Software program Linux, the SCO Group today announced that
    it will begin a new round of lawsuits against users of other
    free resources, including fire, water, air and land.

    "People think they can just use free things without paying for
    them," said SCO CEO Daryl McBribe. "This kind of 'socialism' is
    anti-American and a violation of the Constitution. It's up to
    corporations like SCO to crush that kind of idealism."

    Added Daryl's other brother Daryl, "Yeah, what he said."

    SCO plans to offer a generous and reasonable licensing program
    for Earth's remaining natural resources with prices as low as $700
    per carbon-based life form.

    "We think once people realize how much money it takes to fund
    lawsuits...er...um. I mean, innovation, they will happily sign
    up," said McBribe.
  9. I thought the name was Darl, not Daryl.
  10. "I thought the name was Darl, not Daryl."

    That was the actual joke, the other things he said and meant. ;)
  11. I thought the name was Darl, not Daryl.
    Just in case you really didn't understand - http://www.bob-newhart.com/Bios/sanderson.html
  12. From a TivoCommunity post
  13. See IBM Buys Sun.
  14. Freshmeat...[ Go to top ]

    These guys had encrypted (using some sort of simple rotational cycle - I believe), all of the posts on their site... don't think it went down to well either judging by some of the posts.
  15. Boffins isolate 'blogging gene'[ Go to top ]

    with a bit of luck we can breed them out...

  16. April Fools Aggregator[ Go to top ]

    Saw this on 2/4.


    Not sure whether its april fool joke or real.
  17. April Fools Aggregator[ Go to top ]

    best ive seen so far

  18. http://www.fool.com/features/2004/a040331.htm?source=mppromo