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    Since there's a heck of a lot of underemployed engineers/consultants/developers around these days in the j2ee sphere how's about a forum dedicated to strategies of getting work... (not suggesting a jobs posting board really, as jobserve/cwjobs/jobsite/dice are probably good enough for most)

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    This is definitely an interesting idea.... something we haven't done before.

    Thanks for the thought,

  3. Interesting idea[ Go to top ]

    I would like to see a Jobs Discussion forum
  4. Real World Pattern ;)[ Go to top ]

    Could come under a whole work related discussion forum I guess, whereby getting the work is just one part.

    Seem to remember there was something on interviewing programmers someplace or was that /.

    I'm also looking at the board thinking it would be really cool to post is there anyone interested in forming a new JUG/SIG in the UK, but I'm not sure which forum is best. I'll probably go for J2EE with an OT mark, but some Work Related General forum would be great..