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    A full JTA for Tomcat is available on the following URL:


    Developer and classroom licenses are free.
    Includes full restart and crash recoverability.

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    A full JTA for Tomcat is available on the following URL:http://www.atomikos.com/products/transactionsJTA/overview.htmlDeveloper and classroom licenses are free.Includes full restart and crash recoverability.

    For developers that prefer 100% open source, take a look at:

    http://www.mail-archive.com/tomcat-dev at jakarta dot apache dot org/msg51335.html



  3. Open-source with recovery?[ Go to top ]

    Does anybody know any open-source J2EE product that has recovery after restart/crash?

    We were asked to audit the site of a company that lost a lot of money when their website crashed with 100+ active transactions. Overload and crash, lots of data was messed up.
    The site was built on top of technology that did not have logging nor restart recovery and transactions were done a bit messy. Recovery turned out to be a nightmare.

    The customer wants to stick to open-source so we've been looking for a while now to find a suitable and 100% open-source product alternative (without success).

    Any ideas?


  4. JOTM + HOWL[ Go to top ]

    According to the documentation, ObjectWeb's JOTM and HOWL projects support transaction recovery:

    It even supports JMS. I haven't tested it. But would like to try it with Tomcat. If it works, it would remove the need for an application server like WebSphere and WebLogic if you need JTA.