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    I am getting a problem in using looup dispatch class.

    I am merging my application A to anothe application B. I made my struts config entry into application B web.xml.
    When I am invoking the an action handler it is throwing Struts error...does not contain handler parameter named dispatch

    ---Web.xml entry---
     <!-- Servlet for Struts -->

    ---Struts config Action mapping---
                <forward name="success" path="/bid/Summary.jsp" />

    ----Action Class Calling----
    function openBidWindow()
    <input type="radio" name="list" value='123' onclick="openBidWindow()">

    When i click the radio buttion I am getting "Request does not contain handler parameter named dispatch" error.

    Here I observerd one thing.. If I subclass my class with Action Servlet, I am getting all request parameters, but same this failing when is I am subclassing LookupDispatchAction.

    Could any body help in this regards....

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    could you show your complete subclass?