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    pls. recommand tool for which will allow for the monitoring of the JBoss server,such as porformance...
  2. Try JView 2004 - for Java Performance Tuning. There's a free 30-Day Trial.
  3. Scottit is a web application for monitoring, guarding and diagnosing J2EE applications running on JBoss, Resin, WebLogic, WebSphere,...

    You can download Scottit at
  4. Sorry, here's the hyperlink:
  5. Monitoring db connections of JBOSS[ Go to top ]

    Hi there,

    is there a simple way to know how many database connections are open at a given time during the run of a web application in JBOSS
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    Hi Zhang Zhang, I would recommend Evident Software’s JBoss performance monitoring tool, it collects performance data from JBoss clusters including cache data, JMS queues etc. BTW, @Nicolas, not sure if this helps but this tool also allows you to track the JDBC Connection Pool. HTH, Milly