Hi All

I have setup my app to run on WL8.1 + solaris 9 env + SUN mid-end series server. JVM was configured to use 3G RAM and there are still abundant RAM on the HW server. I tried out a use case, it took long time to get response (~ 2 minutes). But the CPU utilization has been always lower 20%. I have tried out the same test case on a wintel server with 500 RAM allocated to JVM, the response time is much quicker (less than 30 sec). I did the same on solaris 8 with 3G RAM and had used alternate threads library mode (changing LD_LIBRARY_PATH to include /usr/lib/lwp) which is the default mode adopted by solaris 9. The same use case responded much quicker and comparable to abovementioned test on wintel. Can anybody advice on how to tune WL 8.1 on solaris 9 so as to make it perform best ? Is there any special trick ?

thank u very much for any advice in advance