JMS and MDB's in a WebLogic cluster


Performance and scalability: JMS and MDB's in a WebLogic cluster

  1. JMS and MDB's in a WebLogic cluster (2 messages)

    Currently I am doing a thesis about distributed metaheuristics (agent algorithm) on a J2EE cluster.
    I have configured a Weblogic cluster.
    To simulate the concurrent movement of "agents" I have used a JMS-server and message driven beans (initial pool=20).
    When I deploy my application all of the 20 MDB's of the initial pool are created on 1 managed server (the one where the JMS server is running on) of the cluster instead of being divided over all servers of the cluster. How can I balance this?

    Thank you very much.
  2. I have solved it by configuring a JMS-server on each Managed Server of the cluster, and making them members of a Distributed Queue.
    Also, I had to disable the "Server Affinity Enabled"-option of the JMS Connection Factory I use for my producer
  3. Hi Kevin Meiresonne,

    I have similar problem here.suggest some solutions.

    I have set up a weblogic cluster.
    details are :
    2.two managed servers

    All 3 servers are running in seperate unix m/c

    My server side application listens to JMS queues.
    somebody told me to use distibuted queue for clustered mode.
    Hence I created distributed JMS queues in adminserver.
    i want know Is this the right approach??

    Application has been deployed properly from adminserver.

    Now,client is connected to adminserver.when client application is trying to send a message to a queue.
    I am getting below error

    JMS Provider (BEA Systems, Inc.) reported the following error: Cannot find destination "myQueue" locally on server adminserver. LinkedException: weblogic.jms.common.JMSException: Cannot find destination "myQueue" locally on server adminserver.]