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    Hi all!

    I drove into a wall with this one:

    I have a Stateful Session Bean that is to work as a Session Manager for a product in WebLogic. The product can have multiple JVMs running other Java Programs outside of the WebLogic environment.

    Every user has a unique session id, and I would like to use this id to reference the bean object. I have stored the EJB Handles in a HasMap, using the session-id as a reference, but this does not work when the client uses a different JVM, of course.

    Is there another way to access a Bean using a Handle, and also possible through multiple JVM's?


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    Can we use JNDI or some directory service where you can store the ID of the bean as well as the Machine name/IP where you have that bean running
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    Thanks for the reply! :)

    I solved the problem, by creating a stateless bean that accesses the HashMap Singleton in the WebLogic JVM environment. A bit of recoding, but it's worthwhile!