[ANN] IntraWeb for the Eclipse Platform released!


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: [ANN] IntraWeb for the Eclipse Platform released!

  1. IntraWeb: Revolutionary new way to create your web applications in a TRUE-VISUAL manner.

    Atozed Software is pleased to announce the release of it's Award Winning
    product IntraWeb for the Eclipse platform.

    IntraWeb is a framework and component set for building web applications in a
    TRUE-VISUAL manner. Using IntraWeb you can create, debug and maintain web-based
    applications as quickly and easily as your normal Java applications.
    Want to show a form? Call its .show method.
    Want to show a message? Call IWApplication.showMessage.
    Could it be any easier? Using IntraWeb you can deploy your applications as Web Archive (WAR).
    No other development tool creates web applications as fast and as easy as IntraWeb!

  2. All I can say is Wow![ Go to top ]

    This is very exciting stuff. I've downloaded the eval and I can't believe this hasn't been invented before! Well done!!!!
  3. IntraWeb is a valuable part of most Delphi users' toolchest. It's well worth the download!
  4. Nice Job[ Go to top ]

    This is the coolest thing I've seen come to Java in a long time. You can now build native java servlets to serv a web application with zero html/css/js/http knowledge whatsoever.

    The new Eclipse port includes several visual designers to make the task that much easier. Using IW, I've seen my own web development time drop from months to days.

    Great product guys...
  5. Now we can see how applications should be developed in Java. Especially for Web applications.