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    Please explain the differance between the include directive and include action
    <%@include%> and <jsp:include/>
    both are slightly different

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    chk this out - http://java.oreilly.com/news/jsptips_1100.html

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    hi mani,

    well <%@include%> is a include directive. and basically is a static inclue. what it means that the jsp engine picks the contents of the .jsp file referred by the above directive and then processes the output. thus any variables declared in the inclueded .jsp file will be available to the main .jsp file which contains this directive.
    this is somewhat similar to the C - #include pre-compiler directive.

    where <jsp:include/> works differently i.e, its a dynamic include. the included jsp file is processed and then the output genarated is included as part of the main jsp file which contains this tag.

    hope this helps