DevelopMentor and TMC announce Community and Education Alliance


News: DevelopMentor and TMC announce Community and Education Alliance

  1. Training leader DevelopMentor (DM) and The Middleware Company have announced a community and training alliance. As a result, DM's community assets including over 150 Java and .NET white papers, tools, sample code, and tutorials will be hosted exclusively on TheServerSide Communities; while The Middleware Company's best selling training courses will now be offered only by DevelopMentor.

    Along with the 150+ new Java and .NET resources available exclusively on the DevelopMentor Resources page (hosted on TheServerSide.NET), the following tools and white papers have been added to

    Escaping Properties Purgatory

    Java 2 Security
 When "java.policy" Just Is Not Good Enough
    Java Protocol Handlers
    Know What You Are Executing: Finding a list of Loaded Classes

    Exploiting the Java Virtual Machine
    Understanding Class.forName() - Java

    From the press release:
    "This alliance is aimed at expanding market share for both companies and positioning for joint growth," said Salil Deshpande, CEO at The Middleware Company. "Both companies benefit from increased visibility as DevelopMentor gains The Middleware Company's best-of-breed training assets, as well as unprecedented, regular exposure to nearly half a million new developers and architects via the TheServerSide Communities. The Middleware Company gains a significant boost in membership and additional middleware content on TheServerSide Communities, contributed by DevelopMentor. Ultimately the entire middleware industry benefits from better training and services as a result of our collaboration."

    As part of the alliance, The Middleware Company will exclusively host, manage and promote DevelopMentor's online community elements including the DevelopMentor Resources area technical content and on TheServerSide Communities. DevelopMentor will acquire and integrate The Middleware Company's training business including EJB for Architects, EJB Essentials, J2EE Design Patterns and J2EE Essentials into its offerings. In addition, DevelopMentor and TheServerSide Communities will collaborate to produce online course services including course-specific discussion forums and resource areas as well as new and unique technical content such as books, whitepapers and sample applications.

    "TheServerSide Communities will now become our community front end, further extending DevelopMentor's reach within the developer community. The added functionality resulting from the migration of our community assets to TheServerSide will benefit developers who learn from our instructors as well as those that rely on online resources," said Mike Abercrombie, president and CEO at DevelopMentor. "Teaming with The Middleware Company will reinforce our position as the premier advanced developer training firm with the most comprehensive curriculum spanning J2EE and .NET."
    In the immediate future we can expect to see more new content from DevelopMentor appearing on TheServerSide, including tutorials, downloadable books by DevelopMentor authors, articles and the active discussion lists at

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  2. Congratulations DM and TMC[ Go to top ]

    Hi guys and congratulations. This is great news. I still remember taking a Guerilla XML class from DevelopMentor in early 2000 taught by Don Box, Aaron Skonnard and Martin Gudgin. Still the best training class I've ever taken.


  3. Broken links[ Go to top ]

    Found 2 of the links to the papers to be broken. But following the naming convention they are accessible nevertheless. I'm listing the correct ones for your convenience until they get fixed:

    Exploiting the Java Virtual Machine

    Java Protocol Handlers
  4. Broken Link[ Go to top ]

    The link to get the PDF file for "Exploiting the Java Virtual Machine" is broken
  5. The paper can be found here.[ Go to top ]

    Exploiting the Java Virtual Machine