which is the best technology to make online shopping cart?


EJB design: which is the best technology to make online shopping cart?

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    Is it java(JSP, Javabean, Servlets), j2ee(EJB-3tier) or something else & which best database is suited? If plan in advance than time is saved.

    Awaiting reply at the earliest.

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    JSP, JavaBean and servlets along with postgres(v 7.0 and above) are best suited, provided there is no heavy traffic and other reasons which favor EJB's.

  3. I'd say go for a servlet solution (using mvc, such as the lovely spring) with MySQL in the backend. PostgreSQL supports more features, but at the cost of performance and complexity.

    You can find cool examples of technologies applications in the spring examples (the jpetstore may be a good start) Usiçng it, you have a full (and well design, rare enough to mention) e-commerce example.

    For the persistence layer, I'd use hibernate rather than ibatis (used by jpetstore) but it is just a matter of personal taste, so if you feel confident with any other data access technology, stick to it.

    Using a full J2EE approach is not mandatory, it will be overkill in most cases.
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    One more best way is use XML, hash tables with JSP writers which is very fast than EJB, dont go for EJB's huge Sessions loads wont be acceptables in long runs