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    Does anybody know of any tools that i can use to monitor which object is taking what kind of memory on a run-time basis?. The server we have written keeps on crashing. Could it be memory leaks?. Is the Garbage collection occuring efficiently? How do we know?

    Thanks so much

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    basically, you may like to examine your code first through a memory probe tool (like Rational's Purify or a product for Java called JProbe) to see how it manages memory and then plug the leaks

    in runtime, if you are on UNIX, i think you will have a great deal of access to memory usage through the /proc files and also through commands like top, vmstat, ...

    NT is considerably less granular in its process model, so you need to ask Bill, as always

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    chk out optimizeIt.

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    You can see how much garbage collection is being undertaken by starting your JVM with the -verbosegc flag.

    Unix monitoring tools like top, vmstat, iostat, ps, perfmeter etc should give you a good insight into what is happening up to the point of the server crashes.

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    there are a lot of profilers available. One of them comes with JWS (Java WorkShop) on Unix.