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    we are spending way too much for dynamo lisence fees every year, and have a plan to convert dynamo app towards j2ee standard.

    i am not sure if there are anyone had done that, if yes, would you mind to give me some notes or pain points that you may have encountered?

    code coverting is my actual last option.. and the app server we are planning to use maybe jboss 3.2 or sun one 8..
  2. Hoi -
    I think this depeds on what you are actually using in the Dynamo Application Framework. If you are using Portal. Publishing , scenarios, targeting and personalization, it would be more difficult than if you were just using DAS as a straight container for your application components.

    By the way, what version of the ATG product stack are you using?

    I sympathize with you - ATG needs to get with the program - they are the Apple computer of the enterprise java world.

    Great engineering ideas - but such a small market share AND such a proprietary spin on everything that (other than their cultish devotees) it takes too much time to learn their platform to re-adapt all that you know from J2EE over to their approach. Hopefully they will re-architect their value added layers to make it play more friendly with J2EE - because some of their stack really is gret stuff !
  3. andrew,

    thanks for the quick reply. we are using 5.1. we are using only portal and targeting and personalization mostly, and never touch scenarios.

    maybe i should start a opensource project for this convertor..
    thanks again..
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    AH. i found something called cacheon. not sure if they are still alive or not. found out they did a project to convert ATG 4.5.1 over to weblogic 6.1 (j2ee 1.2?) about 2 years ago.

    does anyone know any other products that do the similar thing? i don't believe there are 100% (or even 90%) conversion succeed stories.. so let me know the truth if you have..