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    Hi, there. We developed a 3-tier project which using browers as front end. It works fine on IE but has javascript problems on Netscape. Somebody suggested writting seperate codes for different browsers. But we want to find a better way. Mainly, we want to know what's the main difference between javascript running on IE and Netscape. Is there such a guide or something like that? Or you know a better solution.

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    Different versions of Netscape and IE have different javascript interpretations. If you want your app to work correctly in ALL browsers, javascript is not a good answer to your problem. To make it work for MOST browsers, download Netscape 4.x and develop your app based on it. Developing separate code for IE / Netscape will turn into a manageability nightmare depending on the amount of code and the number of pages, but it will solve your problem for the two major browsers. We have a specific machine where we test all of our javascript against Netscape 4.x and above, IE 4.x and above, AOL 6.0 and above, and Mozilla 1.x and above.