War file deployment on Borland Enterprise server


General J2EE: War file deployment on Borland Enterprise server

  1. Hi All,

           I am very new to borland enterprise server. I trying to deploy one war file to it. Intially i was not able to do that then i reove application.xml from war file now its showing it as deployed. But now when I try to enable this module it gives error which as follows :

    Error type: com.borland.enterprise.management.api.ManagementAgentException
    Thread: Thread[Action Invoker class com.borland.jafa.state.ActionStart,6,main]
    Stack trace:
    com.borland.enterprise.management.api.ManagementAgentException: Module [C:\BDP\var\domains\base\configurations\barclays\mos\standard\wars\radar.war] could not be created. See Partition log for details
    at com.borland.enterprise.management.api.impl.AppServerTransport.loadArchive(AppServerTransport.java:368)
    at com.borland.enterprise.management.api.impl.Partition.enableWar(Partition.java:808)
    at com.borland.enterprise.management.api.impl.DeployedArchive.enable(DeployedArchive.java:215)
    at com.borland.management.state.ModuleStateManageable.start(Unknown Source)
    at com.borland.jafa.state.ActionStart.execute(Unknown Source)
    at com.borland.jafa.action.FwAction.performAction(Unknown Source)
    at com.borland.jafa.action.FwAction$1.run(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)

    Can any one help me on this? What is wrong or what to do?

    Thanks in advance ....

    Pralay Desai
  2. post the error on the borland newsgroups on the newgroups.borland.com
  3. Pralay,

    Like the error states, what do the partition (error/event) log files indicate?

    Also, can you try verifying the WAR file either using the DDEditor/Console/iastool (command line utility) prior to the deploy process? You could also check the contents of the WAR file to ensure that redundant archives are not bundled in it (such as JDBC drivers, BES libraries, General Servlet libs etc,.).