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    The Jameleon team is proud to announce Jameleon 2.0. While we weren't able to implement any of the GUI features in this release we were hoping to, we were able to add all of the major features that a nice user interface would require. We are now ready to focus on the GUI. If you or anyone you know may be interested in helping us with this task, please let us know.

    This release contains several minor changes and one major change. The reason for a major release is due to a single feature that introduces a whole new concept to the java community. This new concept involves controlling the behavior of function tags based on the javadocs alone. This greatly simplifies the process of creating function tags. On average, our function tags are thirty-three percent smaller than before. This change was required in order to implement many of the planned GUI features. This is the last release that will focus on the framework. All future releases will focus on the user interface.

    The upgrade for those that javadoc'd their set methods with the recommended Jameleon-provided tags should be seamless. However, those that didn't follow the suggested javadocs will need to javadoc all set methods with the @jameleon.attribute javadoc. Because Jameleon no longer requires set methods, it is recommended that those who didn't originally javadoc their set methods change to instance variables.

    It is recommended that everyone read the new tutorial that documents all new features in this release and in the previous 1.8 release. It is also recommended that everyone read the release notes for upgrade instructions and more details on the four changes introduced by this release.
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