What I want to do is put my JSP pages alongside my Java code in the directory structure. The reason is that both are intrinsically linked.

However as far as I can tell the


ethod will only take a String and that needs to be in some relative path of the web application.

I want to package my Java code in a JAR library and re-used it in my web applications. In all likely hood it would be in WEB-INF/lib/echopoint.jar of any given web application.

I was hoping there might be a way to force the JSP engine to include a stream such as one loaded via getClass().getResourceAsStream(jspName) or even via an url such as getClass().getResource(jspName)

This would make packaging the re-useable library JAR code much easier.

Brad Baker

...and now the shameless self promotion bit. You can checkout what I am doing at http://echopoint.sourceforge.net