can somebody urgently me answer to this exception


EJB design: can somebody urgently me answer to this exception

  1. hai freinds,

    i am using jsp in which i invoke javabean which invokes sessionbean which invokes entity for database insertion . when i submit the data from jsp , because a already exists
    in the database i have to redirect to the jsp page . when this time page is downloading it gives:
    classcastexception and can't instantiate the class: the name of javabean i.e the error comes in line ->

    <jsp:useBean id="one" class="pack1.javabean1" />

    i put my javabean class in c:\weblogic\myserver\servletclasses and jsp files in

    with regards
  2. Search weblogic.* newgroups - the ClassCastException question was answered numerious times there.
  3. Do not place ur bean class in the servlet/jsp classpath. Instead , place it in the system classpath or the weblogic.class.path, which are accessible by WebLogic Server. In this way, the bean class will not be reloaded when the JSP class is reloaded.