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    When you select a thread to view, there is no indication or link back up the discussion area the thread is in. It's bad when you post a message to the thread, because the "back" button is inappropriate there and I had to resort to my browser's site history list to get back into the forum the thread came from.

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    You are right. We should have a link back to the forum for the thread. We will look at the best place to put this.


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    yes, i got here from 'view my threads' and it's impossible to get from the message to the forum even with history - i have to manually go back up to the top and nav back down. think about what happens when you jump into a thread from an RSS reader on the RSS feed.

    Just a sort of nav path thing at teh top and bottom of the thread would be ok, eg;

    Discussions -> XML and Web services -> Thread title