Friday Fun: Enterprise Design Eye for the Coding Guy


News: Friday Fun: Enterprise Design Eye for the Coding Guy

  1. I saw a fun article named Design Eye for the Usability Guy in which a group of people walked through a design and offered advice. This is a play on the tv show Queer Eye for the Straight guy. I thought it would be fun to do the same thing in our world: Enterprise Design Eye for the Coding Guy.

    We would have to think of the topics for the experts:


    • Code Style (anyone but Cameron and his weird brackets!)
    • Enterprise Scalability
    • Build System
    • Design Pattern use ;)
    • Right tool for the job
    Any ideas? :)

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  2. I'll come out of the closet for this one.

    Personal Grooming Guy - first of all we gotta cut your spaghetti code off and apply product... like aspect goo.

    Interior Design Guy - let's go shopping for a new IDE, fabulous! Nothing brings out personal style and comfort better than an ergonomically designed editor.

    Cooking Guy - if you want to cook to impress you gotta use the freshest opensource libraries. cvs checkout, ant build, voila!

    Culture Guy - OK, if you want to throw a deployment party, you better learn some agile moves. 1, 2, 3, assert!

    Style Guy - Oh those design smells, whew! Let's throw those out and try on some new patterns. A few choice buzzwords goes with just about anything and for any occasion.
  3. Is it me or....[ Go to top ]

    ...are anti-patterns starting to make a lot more sense after reading this post ;)
  4. sounds...[ Go to top ]

    I think this is a gay idea...