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    I have a question on what a login.jsp page can access when
    i use form based authentication. Can it access an EJB component, before actual authentication. This is because i
    need to show some dynamic informatio on the login screen.
    If not whats the alternative?

    Also i am using struts.

    thanks in advance
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    The login page can access an EJB (or anything else that can be called from a JSP). However, any components used in the login.jsp cannot themselves require authentication (because the user is not authenticated yet).
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    thanks does this mean, if i have to disallow
    access to other resources like EJBs, i need seperate
    form of authentication? This is the situation...
    I have an EJB component and may be called by more than one webclients.
    I want some kind of authentication for the EJBs too...what is the
    recommended strategy? there some entry in say ejb-jar.xml like
    in web.xml to specify authentication...also can the same username and
    password, provided to the login page be passed on to the EJB component?