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    Hi all,
    Let me declare first that I'm no J2EE expert and still consider myself as an adolescent in this area. I have worked on quite a few J2EE projects and noticed that each time, my team is following their own way/template of developing code. Also there is quite a substantial amount of code reproduction. My post here is regarding creating a framework/factory of components that can be reused as I go along projects.

    I wish standardize the development approach, by using a framework that all developers will use to write apps. I know there are Struts, Velocity, Torque and many more. I want to keep this simple and stupid. Can the J2EE gurus out there help me here and also give me your valuable experience on how you used, a framework for JDBC, JMS, Web
    (Servlets, JSP) and EJB.

    Can I choose the best of breed frameworks and if so how?

    Thanks a ton for all replying and helping me.
  2. There are so many products out there that claim to be J2EE frameworks. And Swami I understand the frustration of the lack of reuse withing an organization! If I where tasked to do this I would:

    1) Get all the team leads together and discuss the benifits of what you are trying to do. Get them on the same page as you are on.
    2) Get them to decide on the "fameworks" and tools to standardize on.
    3) Come up with a plan on exactly how you are going to accomplish consolidating your appoach to development.

    Good luck.
    Can I choose the best of breed frameworks and if so how?
    In order to choose the best... you will have to rely on the employees i mentioned above as your team leads. If I where asked which fameworks to use, I would say springframewrk should be our "framework". And then decide which other products to add to our components/services.
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