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General J2EE: 100 users on Oracle 9iAS.

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       Right now I'm usuing a 2 Tier model, Client/Server, and I am planning to go to 3tier using web apps. This my current application status.

       1.- ERP application.
       2.- 100 concurrent users.
       3.- Sever: 2Gb RAM, 2 processors. Database: Oracle 9i.
       4.- Client/Server Model (2 tier). Logic is on the client.
       5.- Works... pretty fine.

    I want to port my ERP application to a 3 tier model (Web Based). And I want to know the following.

       1.- Will my Server: "2Gb RAM, 2 processors" support the load of my 100 users. Now that all my Business Logic will be in on Server?. Off course I want to use Oracle 9iAS.
       What things should i take care before going to 3 tier model?

       Thanks in advance.

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    Unless your user operations are very process-intensive, your machine should be more than powerful enough to handle 100 concurrent users for a web application.

    As for what you should do to prepare for the switch ...

    1. Study up on web application development, but that is pretty much a given.

    2. Try to compartmentalize your logic. Disentangle your business logic from your UI logic.

    3. Evaluate client functionality. Some operations, especially server callbacks to the clients, are very hard to do for web applications. Also, any data caching in a web application will be done in the middle tier rather than the client.

    4. Since you are using an ERP app, do some expirements to determine you can reuse your ERP logic without modification. If your web app can communicate directly with your ERP app via a Java API, you will save tons of time and effort.