PicoContainer 1.0 final has been released


News: PicoContainer 1.0 final has been released

  1. The PicoContainer team is proud to announce the final release of PicoContainer 1.0.

    When we started to work on PicoContainer in June 2003 we had not imagined how much attention and impact it would have. PicoContainer is now being used in a dozen open source projects and many more closed source projects.

    PicoContainer has been an important vehicle for popularising Dependency Injection (particularly Constructor Injection), a software pattern that helps developers keep their code simple and testable.

    We'd like to thank all the contributors and users for their overwhelming interest in PicoContainer. Without you we would not have been able to deliver this powerful 50k library.


    -Paul, Aslak and the rest of the PicoContainer team.
  2. Nice to see this in a final release, plus it's a codehaus project with documentation!!

    The docco is a good starting point for anyone wondering what the hell dependency injection is too... Check out the Five-minute intro