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    I'm currently using Netbeans but now when I'm trying to brush of my old knowleadge of EJB Netbeans started to suck big times since all functions to simplify EJB development is in the payware-versions from SUN.

    So, I'm looking for recomendation of what FREE ide to use when developing EJB. I'd prefer if it's clean in the sence of not using IBM/Oracle/BEA-imports but clean javax.ejb.

    Thanks in advance
    Roland Carlsson

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    I am not sure about Net bean but if you use Eclipse then you would find lomboz a good tool -
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    Dear friend ...

      U can use even Eclipse whihc comes with a powerful set of Tools .. or even
      use EJBGen which generates automatically Home & Remote Classes for the Bean u
      have written ....

       Even Borland JBuilder 9/X is good.... but it is expensive.......

    krishna kishore
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    EJBGen - is that Weblogic specific ?. I thought so !!
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    JDeveloper will let you create EJBs without having to use anything other than J2EE libraries. In other words, it's "clean in the sense of not using IBM/Oracle/BEA-imports, but clean javax.ejb".


    --- ObDisclaimer: I work at Oracle