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News: Netty 2 1.0 Released

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    Netty 2 is an event-driven network application framework. It provides an easy event-based API (like Swing) to develop high-performance, maintainable TCP/IP server/client application. Netty handles many essential features such as readiness selection, thread pooling, and buffer reuse which are required to build high- performance and capacity network applications in Java.

    Netty 2's interesting features are:

    • Each messages of the user defined protocol are mapped to message classes; Protocols are maintainable in object-oriented way such as inheritance and polymorphism.
    • Utilizes Java NIO.
    • Thread pooling is implemented out-of-the-box.
    • NIO direct buffer is reused to reduce direct buffer allocation overhead.
    • I/O threads and event process threads are separated to avoid I/O to slow down from business logic.
    Netty 2 still needs enhancements and documentation, and the author welcomes any volunteers to help him to make Netty 2 better.

    Check out Netty 2 at:

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    This looks like an interesting idea, it's obviously early days but the lack of documentation really lets it down. How about some UML diagrams or a paper documenting a good example of its usage.

    For example, would this be a good solution for an Observer/Observable implementation?

    How does this compare to Jini's distributed event framework?

    Trustin, I guess you wrote it to solve a problem, how about showing us how this solved the problem.

    I'm going to take some more time to look at this, watch this space.

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    Thogugth I didn't applied Observer/Observable pattern deliberately, it is. I followed Java Beans event model slightly optimizing the parameters; creating EventObject everytime event occurs seemed to be a relatively big overhead in the situation like client/server environment.

    I'm not much aware of Jini technology, but Netty was born to implement client/server protocol in an easy and maintainable way; Performance, of course, was also important.

    Yes, it lacks documentation and just provides a minimal 'Echo Server' example. But it is true that that small server application shows almost all features of Netty. I'm writing a tutorial with simple example which shows every aspect of Netty, and I'll notify here when it is done.

    Thank you for showing interest with Netty!
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    The usefulness of Netty is zero when the documentation is so poor.
  5. This release contains a lot of bug fixes and important feature enhancements, and it includes what you want:

    * JavaDoc documentations are fully written for public classes and methods.
    * Overall architecture/sequence diagrams were added to documentations.

    Step-by-step tutorial is not ready yet, but it will be out in one or two weeks.

    If there are any problems or something important is missing in the documentation, please let me know to fix is as soon as possible.

    Check Netty 2 1.1.0 at:

  6. Check out the guide book at:
  7. Nice guide. I might take a look at netty with this in place.