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    hi there;
    may i know how to protect my jar file? meaning i dun allow other ppl to de-jar it?

    is there smth like build in w/ pwd mechanism ?? when the person will try to de-jar it?

    thanks ;)

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    How would the JVM extract the jar on reading it if it were password protected?
    It would need the password in clear text somewhere (in a config file most likely) which would make the password protection useless.
    Or maybe have the password included as the first or last X bytes of the jar itself. Would still make it very easy to get the password out, just read those bytes yourself.

    And if you'd have the JVM have a built-in password it's only a matter of a very short time to figure out what it is.

    If you don't trust your users, don't give them your software. Go for an ASP model and host the software yourself letting the customers access it as a remote service only.
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    Create ur own classloader which has the ability to authenticate the jar file.
    But if someone decompiles ur classloader (since the classloader class is out of the jar file), ur authenticate mechanism will be busted. It's obviously going to checken-and-egg problem. :(
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    10s folk for ur suggestion ;)
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    Take a look at:
  6. Hi
    I feel that digital signature mechanism with private/public key combinations verify that the origin of code is authentic and does not anyhow prevent a malicious hacker to extract your class files and decomplie and tweak around.

    This query had been brewing in my mind too.Like Microsoft which gives out a black box stuff for all apps,does java has some similar option.

    If any body is aware, please enlighten our souls.