I have installed and configured ATG Dynamo 5.6.1. I have disabled Serverina in ATG Dynamo and enabled IPlanet for HTML
Content. The IPlanet is only serving the HTML pages, the JSP/Servlet engine is switched off in the IPlanet.

Now I wanted to execute JSP pages in the ATG Dynamo. Since ATG Dynamo only serves .JHTML pages, I get an error when trying to execute
the JSP page. This is my JSP page.


<body bgcolor="#ffffff">

out.println("Testing Scriplets");

The execution flow is something like this.

http:// server name>:<IPlanet port>/web/test.jsp

When the IPlanet finds any files other than .HTML, it sends them to ATG Dynamo for execution. But in my case its failing
as .jsps are not supported by ATG Dynamo when Serverina is switched off / disabled.

Any help would be great.