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    Verge 2.3 has been released. Verge is a collection of tools and frameworks for helping to build enterprise applications and manage the build and runtime dependencies of any Java application.

    The different projects that are part of Verge include Verge Common, a collection of common toolkits and APIs; Verge JUnit, an extension to the JUnit framework that allows local and remote testing of web applications; Verge Savant, an extension to the Apache Ant build system that supports dependencies and inter-project builds; and Verge Web, a complete web and MVC framework.

    This release of Verge includes new features in the Verge JUnit and Verge Savant components. Verge JUnit has been cleaned up quite a bit and many bugs were fixed. The configuration for remote (container) testing has been simplified. In addition, a new base class has been added to the Verge Web module that allows for easy local and remote testing of code written to use the Verge MVC.

    Two major new features were added to Savant. Savant now allows artifacts to be expired after a certain number of minutes or at a specific time. This is helpful for projects that publish artifacts which change frequently and lack verion numbers. Savant also allows artifacts to publish their dependencies. This reduces the number of unused dependencies that need to be defined for a project to build and run correctly. For example, a project no longer needs to depend on Jakarta common-collections in order to use Jakarta Struts. It can simply depend on Jakarta Struts and all dependencies of Struts will be handled automatically.

    For more information, visit the project website at or

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  2. Skeptical side of my brain[ Go to top ]

    The skeptical side of my brain thinks that the 70+ frameworks in Java world are part of Microsoft's grand scheme to keep Java complicated and somehow MS is behind many of them!
  3. No, MS is behind Marco beers[ Go to top ]

    They're not behind the mass framework scandel, they are behind the mass production of Macro beers in an attempt to dumb us all down enough so that we can only have the capacity to learn one framework, accept it and like it. :-0)

    Kris Thompson
  4. Macro Beers and MS[ Go to top ]

    Aha! Leave it to Redmond to be behind the production of macro "beer" using corn and rice. Aye carumba...

    Time for a nice Java Stout!