Sun announces Creator to be "kinda" free?


News: Sun announces Creator to be "kinda" free?

  1. Sun announces Creator to be "kinda" free? (8 messages)

    There were cheers in the audience when Sun announced that Creator was now generally available, and that it was "FREE".

    However, the details seem to be that you can download it for free, and use it for an extended time, however it still seems to really be $99 (or $49 if you get it at the conference).

    If Sun want to give other tools a run for their money, should they just bite the bullet and give it away to "get the product in everyones hands"? Or, is a free evaluation good enough, and that they should charge people money for a tool that they obviously spent time on?

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  2. Not free, for a fee[ Go to top ]

    Personally I'm surprised SUN doesn't charge for most of their tools, including the java SDK. I'm not saying it should be $499 a seat, but it's got to cost some serious coinage to build java.

    However I would say that if they're gonna charge, then they should be very clear right on the home page about the eval and the cost. I hate navigating screens to get to the prices, especially when they say "Call us".

    I don't think it should be free per se. It should be good however if they want to compete. Personally I'd rather pay a little cash for something and get a product with good doc and pseudo support than to get something totally free with crap doc and zero support.

    Just my 2 cents.
  3. Not free, for a fee[ Go to top ]

    I think Sun's original idea was to make money off

    (i) Building great products in Java that could be sold,
    (ii) Selling hardware to run Java On,
    (iii) Selling consulting, training, books, conferences about Java.

    The issue has been that Sun has not been successful at any of these in recent history. Instead companies like IBM, BEA and Intel have made tons of cash by providing these services rather than Sun.

    I also have no problems paying a resnoble amount for software but I feel that it would be a better model to give away a base product and then charge for certain extras features.
  4. Not free, for a fee[ Go to top ]

    On the Creator download page there are two links: one says "30-day Trial" and the other says "Full License – Download (US $99.00)".

    I don't think it can be any clearer.
  5. Paying for software[ Go to top ]

    What other IDE is pretty much full-featured and (comemrcially) backed by a vendor so you can expect a certain level of quality (of software and documentation) and only costs $99?
    Sofar, I've only come across the likes of NetBeans and Eclipse that have a fair amount of backup from resp. SUN and IBM so the quality is pretty up to par with their commercially available competitors. And I don't consider the free editions of other popular IDE's like JBuilder as an alternative since you need to pay for it if you want the functionality that can give you the strength to build real apps in them.

    With regard to Studio Creator, I would've liked to see that SUN provides more components for my $99, but then again, there're alternatives. So I'll shop around and probably get back to SUN.

    So I'm not sure what the noise is about. I only want that when SUN comes up with a new spec (with or without approval of the JDC) they should be the first to provide a decent (reference) implementation that shows the potential of the new spec.

  6. Paying for software[ Go to top ]

    I daresay IDEA is excellent and very fairly priced.
  7. $99 isn't bad. I stepped through the "helloworld" sample on the trial version, and was pretty impressed. It feels like a cross between visual basic and eclipse.
    Nice Jorb!

  8. +1

    You've got to remember that they are targeting corporate developers which excludes most of the TSS regulars. I reckon they've done a really good job and should be congratulated for it. Hopefully a community will spring up developing components to fill the void.
  9. Eclipse[ Go to top ]

    I'm a corporate developer at a large consulting company - and I use Eclipse. Just because a developer works at a large corporation, it doesn't mean he has to use closed source tools.