Agitar Software Announces Agitator 1.5: Java Unit Testing


News: Agitar Software Announces Agitator 1.5: Java Unit Testing

  1. Agitar Software announces the general availability of Agitator 1.5 and Agitar Management Dashboard version 1.5. The new releases deliver comprehensive enhancements in test data generation, deeper JUnit integration and improved analytic capabilities.

    Editor's note: I checked out the project at JavaOne. The product does a bunch of things, but the 'Agitate' functionality was really interesting. It did really smart things to work out how to test code, and took some of the grunt work out of building unit tests. However, automatic testing frameworks always worry me, as it gives a developer a license to forget about testing, but they thought of this too. The developer does need to setup certain criteria for the tests. After all, context matters!

    Company Press Release:

    Agitar Software Announces the Latest Release of Its Solution for Enterprise-Scale Java Unit Testing.

    Agitar Software, the leader in enterprise developer testing, today announced the general availability of Agitator 1.5 and Agitar Management Dashboard version 1.5. The new releases deliver comprehensive enhancements in test data generation (including JDBC and XML schema), deeper JUnit integration and improved analytic capabilities.

    Agitator and Agitar Management Dashboard enable enterprise Java development teams to implement developer testing programs, improving the quality of software products, while speeding up development cycles and reducing overall software lifecycle costs.

    "Developer testing is increasingly important to enterprises in industries where software quality is a business-critical issue,” said Alberto Savoia, founder and CTO at Agitar Software. “Our latest releases of Agitator and the Agitar Management Dashboard deliver more power to development teams by automating unit testing while also giving managers more insight into the quality metrics that matter to their business."

    The concept of developer testing – empowering developers to create and run unit tests on their software before system integration – is rapidly gaining acceptance as an important component of modern software development. Agitar’s Enterprise Developer Testing builds on this new advance and introduces the scalability, integration, automation, and manageability features required for successful corporate deployments.

    Among the key features for Agitator 1.5 are:

    Intelligent test data generation – to exercise Java code in the broadest set of circumstances
    Powerful observation engine – to summarize code behavior and enable developers to determine the correctness of code behavior
    Dynamic test management – to keep tests current when tested code is being changed
    AutoMocks – automatically created smart mock objects – to provide unprecedented levels of coverage
    Extensible factories and adapters – to provide detailed control of input data generation
    Among the key features for Agitar Management Dashboard 1.5 are:

    Integration of Agitator and JUnit tests
    Ability to set developer testing targets and measure progress and trends
    Analysis pointing teams to code areas of high risk or complexity, enabling development teams to correctly prioritize testing activities
    About Agitar’s Products
    Agitator intelligently exercises Java code to discover its behavior and presents observations to the developer. Developers can convert Agitator’s valid observations into unit tests with a single click. This unique process, called “Software Agitation,” helps developers create thorough sets of reusable unit tests. Agitation lets developers edit and enhance their code with confidence, helping them prevent errors as they write or modify their programs.

    The Agitar Management Dashboard provides unprecedented data, visibility, and control over the developer testing process. The Management Dashboard lets development teams set testing targets based on risk, resource availability, and schedules. It gives in-depth reports on test quality with details by project, package, class, and method.

    About Agitar
    Agitar Software, a private company based in California with venture backing from Sequoia and NEA, is the leader in enterprise developer testing. By automating the manual process of unit test creation, Agitar lets software developers build quality in, instead of testing bugs out. By preventing errors in the development phase, companies benefit from improvements in overall software quality, faster time to market, and lower software lifecycle costs.

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    Media Contact:
    Craig Oda, PageOnePR for Agitar.
    Tel.: (650) 473-0600, x102

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  2. No Evaluation for Download[ Go to top ]

    Seems interesting, but they don't supply an evaluation version for testing out.
  3. No only that[ Go to top ]

    * No evaluation
    * No comparisons with the competition
    * Excessive pricing $7k for 1 lic!! Actually.. that won't sell for < than 10 lic -> $36k!!!

    What a sticker ;)

    Hopefully I saw a demo at JavaOne. interesting.. but you can't really tell how usefull/powerfull the tool is til you test it on your own project.

    Anyway... for now is only marketing fud.