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    Ten years ago, Kevin was wandering the jungles of southern Borneo, eating insects and throwing his own excrement at his friends. Today, he stares into a flat panel monitor while sipping on a Diet Coke, and jabbing insouciantly at the space bar on the ergonomic keyboard in front of him; one spindly finger tapping out the meter of some internal thought machine. Kevin is a senior software engineer at a boutique software development company in Des Moines, Iowa, called Primate Programming Inc. Kevin is a 150 pound orangutan.

    He makes two gestures in rapid succession. The first is created by forming the index finger and thumb of each hand into a circle and then placing each circle over an eye, leaving him looking like a nerd with thick-lensed glasses. The second is a more familiar gesture commonly used by drivers to indicate their displeasure with another driver’s conduct. Standing beside me is Mark Bajek, CEO of PPI. He bursts out laughing in response to Kevin’s gesticulations, and returns the same series of gestures to him. "Kevin is less than enthusiastic about the quality of Microsoft products" he says, before motioning me on to the next desk, seated at which is a bonobo chimpanzee. "Werner here is of the opposite opinion. He’s our resident .NET specialist and also the first primate to become an MCSD (Microsoft Chimpanzee Solution Developer)."

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    I think it was supposed to be humor.
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    From information week
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    i am sure he is smarter than bozos I have seen so far
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    this is very very funny !!! cool !!!
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    Sorry, but its a very boring read!!!
    (Reminded me of watching a crap movie called Close Encounters- 3rd Kind)
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    Hey, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind was a pretty good movie. Of course, the special effects are terrible by today's standards, but this was made close to 20 yrs ago!
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    -Yawn...It's a slow news day, no?
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    Yep, looks like your average development shop to me ;-)