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    I'm just trying to verify that the Orion environment is properly configured, so I'm starting with a very simple client to make a JDNI connection, lookup a datasource and perform a couple of JDBC statements. When this is stable I'll move on.

    My first question: I can get my InitialContext, lookup the DataSource, and retrieve a connection. But when I try to get a ResultSet, I get this error:
    OrionCMTConnection not closed, check your code!
    LogicalDriverManagerXAConnection not closed, check your code!
    (Use -Djdbc.connection.debug=true to find out where the leaked connection was created)
    ?Say What?
    I tried "-Djdbc.connection.debug=true" and nothing was printed out. Here is the data-source entry in data-sources.xml:
                This DataSource provides a connection to the Oracle database that
                the Mustang application uses. It provides a pooled data source.
            <property name="serverName" value="emcintyre-ntw" />
            <property name="portNumber" value="1521" />
            <property name="databaseName" value="mustang" />
    (BTW - Orion refuses to start if I leave the "xa-location" attribute out of the element. Is this normal? I can leave the other locations out, but not that one.)

    Second question is more fundamental (sorry for such a long post!): Should I even be using the Oracle pooled version of the DataSource, or will Orion pool the regular DataSource for me?

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    Anyone there???

    Let me put it another way: How do I set up Orion to use an Oracle database?