Wi.Ser: WidgetServer server-side GUI framework announced


News: Wi.Ser: WidgetServer server-side GUI framework announced

  1. The framework supports a mixed deployment mode, which enables one server to serve Swing clients and Web clients at the same time.

    An XML markup language helps to define an application's GUI. Furthermore a common widget-based, object-oriented programming interface for Web and Swing GUIs is offered to the developer. This prevents from struggling with HTML, JavaScript and HTTP requests or from caring about the internals of Swing (e.g. Drag&Drop implementation).

    For Swing client/server applications the framework cares for the client/server split as well as for the client/server communication including compression and security layers.

    The functionality of the Swing widget set is covered widely (and sometimes enhanced) in both (Swing and Web/HTML) client channels.

    The project comes with a WYSIWYG GUI-builder which is completely build on the Wi.Ser framework technology.

    Main improvements are:

    - PLAF for Swing clients configurable
    - UnifiedServer recognizes browser exit for Web/HTML clients
    - Windowed objects problem in IE templatekit is solved
    - improved listBox widgets for Web/HTML clients, renders all other widgets as list entries now
    - Event channel can handle KeyEvents now
    - Separate library for Swing clients (300KB)
    - Improved tutorial and documentation
    - Event monitoring tool
    - Several bugfixes

    Feedback & Comments are welcome (dvdw at dev dot java dot net)!

    For more information goto:
  2. I saw this a while back and thought it looked interesting. However, I seem to remember that it came with its own server? If I want to deploy a rich client using Wi.Ser, can I just deploy a .war to my web container, or must I also setup and manage a Wi.Ser server? How well would it integrate with my Spring based system, which exposes services via Hessian (which operates as a servlet)? I can envision a hybrid web app that is based on Struts, JSF, or Spring, and will sometimes launch a rich client for some operations. Would something like this be possible with Wi.Ser? Does Wi.Ser force me to be Wi.Ser only, or can I integrate it with my already existing application in the few places I need a rich client?
  3. In its core the WiSer framework is driven by a a servlet which can be deployed in every standard servlet container. Tomcat 4+, Jetty (comes with the distribution) and Joe! are successfully tested. In other words, a Wi.Ser application is nothing else than a web application! If you look at the distribution (http://wiser.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentList?folderID=1185) you will find many examples deployed into a preconfigured Jetty.
    A combination with other frameworks like Struts is possible. But this has not been tested yet.