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         Can anybody guide me in overriding the hashcode() method in my PK class, if my composite key consists of a String, int and a boolean variable.

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  2. How about this? Just took it from weblogic samples !

    Let say the variables are: String strName, Boolean boolName, int intName

      private int hashCode = -1;

      public int hashCode(){

        if (hashCode == -1) {

          hashCode = strName.hashCode() ^ boolName.hashCode() ^ intName;

        return hashCode;

  3. Hi Senthil,
          Thanks for your immediate response. This approach looks fine(except the fact that I should wrap my boolean variable to Boolean object in order to get the hashcode out of it). But is there not a concrete step of doing this ? In most of the sample examples, I could see the varibles getting concatinated and then taken the hashcode out of it.
    eg. (intName + strName + boolName).hashCode()
          Is this also a right approach ? This returns a different hashcode if the sequence of the variables concatinated is changed.