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    Netscape 7.1 generates the "Threaded Replies" box pages long leaving the last part empty. Anybody else observed this problem or is it my Windows2000/Netscape7.1 combination?

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    There have been Netscape 7 bugs noted. Maybe time for an upgrade? :)


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    Thanks, that was fast!
    I'll check out if there's a newer version of Netscape.

    I observed the problem in this thread:
    "Gabriel: New open source security framework"

    IE renders the page correctly.
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    i'm using mozilla 1.6 and knoqueror on linux, and the articles are horrible. they make me scroll to the right to read them every time. even this page where i'm posting from has a scroll to the right. i'm working on a 1024x768 display, i would expect that to not have a right scroll...
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    The problem on Netscape was fixed.