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    I am new to j2ee.
    I deployeed SUN's sample application Java Pet Shop version 1.1.1 on SUN's j2ee 1.2.1 RI. The machine I used was a Pentium III @500 MHZ with 256M memory. When I tried running it on a local machine, every click took me about 3-15 seconds, most of the time between 5-10 seconds, to get a response back. It's such a simple application. I have to ask whoever have experiences on commercial J2EE servers, like Weblogic, Websphere or Iplanet, do they run slow too?



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    J2sdkee1.2.1 is pretty slow. If you have a fast machine at around 700MHZ then you won't have the problem.

    Try to use JBOSS or ORION. They are free for non-commercial use and definite much faster.