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    am struck with deploying the Bean managed entity bean using J2EE i have tried with web logic also but i could not do pl help me regarding this..

  2. What errors are you getting when deploying with weblogic?
  3. am very new 2 this web logic so i'd gone thru step by step procedures of the documentation and am able to deploy it in the EJB Deployer... but i still don't know what's the purpose of Web Logic Console and Web Logic Server,and i could not found where's cloudscape is to deploy my database, if its possible help me in accessing the MS_Access Database instead of cloudscape..

    thank in advance
  4. yes you can use ms access
    create your tables in ms access
    and create dsn name
    and then in the file create a pool of this database by taking similar kind of commented code contained in the file save it and start the sever and pay attention to the console and it will show that access database pool connected message and if not it will give some error message
    try this